Rolling Back Packs - A 'Fashion' Accessory That Saves Your Kid From Back Pain and Posture Problems

Guide to the practical benefits of good backpacks for high school, such as rolling school backpacks:

By Alan Bridges

When I was a kid, backpacks weren't in vogue and rolling back packs had not been invented (Yes, I'm that old!). In any event, the one or two kids at school who hefted their books around in a back pack or, worse, a big fat briefcase, were nerds. While having a ton of homework every night, you had to haul your books in your arms, to and from school. I can't remember how many times I dropped them on the way. Finally, practicality overcame nerdiness and the backpack became stylish. In fact, if you didn't have a backpack, you were then the anomaly. The nerd.

The backpack, previously used on hiking or camping trips, now became a fashion item. It came in colors other than black or army green, and could be personalized with patches, or purchased with popular kid icons that were cool. However, the school kid's backpack was stuffed with the same number of books and notepads as those we older folks used to carry in our arms. This was a heavy load on the developing spines of young kids and teens. Parents began to notice that their kids were developing back problems. Not good.

Enter the rolling back packs. Some marketing genius took note of this growing problem and introduced the rolling back packs, meeting with instant success. Frequent travelers recall how welcome the rolling suitcase was, as compared to hauling a weighty suitcase around airports. The rolling backpacks are just another variation on this traveler's gear, but designed for school kid's needs. Naturally, the basic design was modified to accommodate school supplies rather than typical luggage, with the right sized pockets and zippered compartments to make finding your stuff easy.

Both girls and boys can find a cool design, color and detailing to suit their taste. With the invention of the rolling back packs, kids were clamoring for this essential school accessory and parents were quick to approve. Kids were happy to have their school supplies roll down the street with ease, and parents breathed a sigh of relief that their kids wouldn't be developing back problems that would follow them through life.

These new backpacks have also become a fashion item for kids. They can decorate their rolling backpacks to reflect their personality and interests. For example, video game icons and rock band logos advertise the kid's 'cool quotient'.

As a parent, you can easily see the value and acceptability of the rolling version for hauling books. As a kid, it's a no-brainer. When shopping for this year's school supplies, include the rolling backpack on your list. Buy one that's high quality? As with cheap luggage, a poorly constructed back pack will start to fall apart quickly. Seams and zippers are the first to go.

There's no question that the rolling back packs are here to stay.

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