Bachelor Degree in Social Work - Information on the BSW Degree

Musings on how long does it take to become a social worker,including academic considerations:

By Dee Cohen

A person should consider obtaining a bachelor degree in social work if they want a rewarding career assisting the community. Social workers impact the lives of many people in their community. It is a helping profession with the goal of improving the lives of others. 

A social worker's environment encompasses a wide range, like hospitals, prisons, in homes and schools. They do their job through research, counseling, and handling casework. Social workers deal with abused children and wives, drug addicts, and the poor. The even tackle environmental issues with their community. If this appeals to you, read more about social workers and the training required to become one.

On average a social worker can make between $34 to $41 thousand per year depending on which type of field they choose. The majority of social workers do their jobs within organizations and agencies that focus on the many social problems plaguing the community. 

At the very least, to become a social worker, you are required to have a bsw from an accredited program. The course of study may include ethics, social and economic justice, diversity, and servicing at risk populations. These principles are taught within the classroom environment and in the field under direct supervision. This program typically lasts four years, with an additional requirement of 400 or more supervised field hours. Social workers need a license to practice and each state has its own requirements. The Board conducts an exam that must be passed. If you are interested in being an asset to your community, take the first step and get your bachelors degree in social work.

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